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Tribute Engineering

Blazej Cieslak started the company several years ago to provide his cutomers with a quality hydraulic repair service. His many years of experience fixing hydraulic cylinders and tools enables him to advise you on the best repair or replacement options for your equipment.

Our fully equiped workshop can handle cylinders weighing up to 1 tonne and 4 metres in length. Cylinder honing services are sublet and competitive pricing is maintained through good supplier relations and competition. Several chrome plating techniques are available and each job is assessed on an individual basis to ensure a suitable, economical and quality repair is adopted.

We welcome small jobs as well as large jobs.

We have our own transport and can pick up and deliver large cylinders from Perth metro area. Transport can be arranged for regional Western Australia.

We understand that some jobs are urgent so we strive to complete each job on time. We can often provide a replacement tool in emergency situations so you can get back to work fast while we complete the repairs.

 - Quick service.
 - Emergency Replacement
- Temporary replacement unit available for most tools in emergency situations.
 - Experience - Over 30 years experience.
 - Guaranteed - All work is fully guaranteed.

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